Skyrim rape mod

So I wonder how many of you are aware that an aspiring modder has added rape as a criminal offense to Skyrim?

In the words of the creator;

How do this little mod:

1) only female can be rape
2) add damage at rape ( you can kill a npc, or npc can kill you whit rape: i suggest you buy a lot of healt potion if u are female )
3) rape is a crime now
4) rape spell have a cost : you can’t spam this
5) you need rape female victim only if u are alone, because other npc allies attack u for free the victim now !

So let’s go over those rules again. Rape is now added to Skyrim as a spell you can cast - only on female npcs - to lock you and her into an animation where you are forcing her to have sex with you.
Rape does damage and can be fatal to the npc - or to yourself, if you’re playing a female character and an npc decides to have his way with you. Better start carrying more health potions!
And of course, you must only rape a woman if you are alone, because other npcs will see what you are doing and try to save her. Stay smart! Ugghh….

The mod creator also gives us this helpful image diagram of how npc-on-npc sexual assault looks in-game;

Pleased with this mod but craving more, an eager fan has suggestions for a patched version;

Awesome , dude , from all im reading you are pretty much doing what i would love to have included in MLA in the first place . THANK YOU !

PLease read this long text i wrote and tell me if you could create these features :

-Force female NPC´s to go to “unconcious mode”(kneeling like essential NPC´s) when
their health is below 30% when this is the case you can press E on them and have the option to rape them

-Every Rape that is seen by someone in town is seen as an act of Crime

-After the Rape the Victim will try to run away , if you let the victim go, there is a 50% chance that you get a big bounty for your crime . With enough intimidation skill you can tell the victim immediatly after the act to stay quiet about the rape , and no bounty will be put on you.

-Make the Rapespell a genuine Spell which uses Mana or make it optional.

-Action with corpses (Specific Animations) (Also act of crime)

and again

Ok ´ I´ve tested your mod and the guard detecting rape as a crime is working BUT

i think its really bad to make it that when you rape your victim dies in a couple of seconds because of the rape .

Please make it Optional to let your victim automatically die , because that is unrealistic.

And also could you instead of letting them die automatically , changing them to the state of “unconciousness” like they are kneeling down AFTER the Rape. And that in random cases they will run to the next guard after a couple of seconds to “report the rape” and then you will get bounty and be pursuited . This would be much more realistic.

And is it possible to disable the moaning of the Victim if the victim is being raped while they are dead.

more fans chime in with ideas and comments;

I think you should also add NPCs can rape our character too (if we are a female)
specially we are in nude or wearing a sexy outfit in a dark place..

Mod looks promising! I’ll keep watching, but I do agree that insta death after is a little harsh for my taste ._.

I agree, I’d rather on option to have the victim (or you) go unconcious rather then killed. And as for having your items being stolen, that would just be fustratingly annoying - plus the rapist is raping the female for her body, not her stuff, so doesn’t make sense for her to be robbed (or killed - can’t rape her again if she’s dead!).

anyone willing/able to do the exact same mod but only lesbian sex? i mean, only females could be raped/have sex but only by other females. if someone can do this, thanks.

After that the creator of the mod disappears and the first ambitious fan is left commenting in the thread over and over, demanding to know why his favourite mod is not being worked on. Eventually another modder comes along and says that they’re adding the rape feature to their own larger mod, and links to their development thread. No… I think I’m done here thanks.

I’m not linking to the thread because I don’t want to link straight to a download for this mod. If you’re that determined to find it I’m sure you can google it pretty easily, but please don’t add links to this post.