I’m just so tired of hoping to find media where you think “Oh there’s same sex romances that don’t end up in tragedy” then having it turn out to just be “”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“friends”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”“”” or they act romantic as a huge homophobic joke like

I just want to watch a film where I can relate to a character who doesn’t fit in cuz they know liking the same gender as their own is something no one talks about and that hey they actually meet someone else who doesn’t make them feel alone and i want characters who are the same sex who kiss and cry and love each other without any fucking pretense to it and who overcome adversity because they’ve grown to care about each other and i want to know a happy ending awaits them

i want to have the same fantasies and dreams reflected in media like my straight counterparts have, i want to believe that falling in love won’t mean that it’ll end in tragedy or that it’s just a detail i need to shove away because it’s a fundamental flaw of my very being. I want to feel like a story like mine can be told and that I too could have my own happy ending.

I’m so tired of being disappointed, so tired of being told that falling in love is inherently sexual and that romances like mine don’t deserve to be heard or seen. I’m so tired, and so sad.



askdeserteagle said: when tunic apparel came out, they looked so silly on dragons that people started using them to shame dragons that made 1-egg nests. i suggest you buy a couple tunics :v



dikdiksupremacy said: What I don’t get is why someone would want to use tunics for dragon shaming in a game that sells fedoras



update: the singular egg hatched



the rise and fall

Tale as old as time

someone commented on my art asking “is there a specific reason these characters had to be lesbians?” I feel spoilt for choice choosing an answer hahaha

what kind of pet is tinker?

Tinker is my kitty!

started giving Tinker her new ear drops this morning, and she is Not Happy. She doesn’t like being held against her will at the best of times but trying to give her eardrops was a challenge. In the end she stopped struggling and resorted to making pathetic squeaking sounds. Little shit

The lumps on her ears are kind of hard, like spots, and a couple of them are scabby. I hope these eardrops do the job. Also put a new flea collar on her

there should be gamergate fanart where adam and eve are games journalists living in the garden of videogame eden and then the snake justice warrior tempts them into biting into the apple of social knowledge and they turn into sjws

He lit a cigarette. His glass of whiskey lit a cigarette. “I can only truly love my dead best friend,” he said, “but not in a gay way. Women wouldn’t understand. They’re too gay.” Both of the cigarettes agreed.
from Mallory Ortberg’s hilarious “Male Novelist Jokes.”  (via internetexplorers)

Dragon Design Doodles

my girlfriend just sang the first line of the garfield and friends intro and then just. stopped. and left it there. waiting for me to react.

there aren’t actually any mirrors in my house i just nail up pictures of tidus & cloud and admire myself in them