I've settled on three different MH dolls to get now - Skeleita Calaveras, Rochelle Goyle, and Robecca Steam. Curse you for getting me into this fandom *shakes fist*

They’re all good choices! Honestly I’m surprised I don’t already own a Skelita. I want to get hold of a Monster Pride release of her

Cutey! Also I want that luchador bag in real life. Robecca is cool because there’s a version of her from the Ghouls Alive line where you can see her robot parts moving inside her!! I guess the Ghouls Alive version would be inconvenient to use as a fashion doll but the moving robot parts & glowing heart are so cute.

A friend and my girlfriend on skype with me…


[23:30:06] Kuchipatchi 2075: 4chan is currently having a /t/g thread about how hard would it be to kick a centaur in the dick

[23:30:40] Friend: /tg/ is a good place sometimes
[23:36:08] Cuteosucks: depends what angle you’re coming at the centaur from
[23:36:15] Cuteosucks: and how aroused he is
[23:36:19] Friend: slidekick
[23:36:28] Friend: don’t horses have sheathes
[23:36:37] Cuteosucks: yeah
[23:36:39] Friend: you need to tickle that pickle before you can kickle
[23:36:45] Cuteosucks: but once it’s out its the length of a fencepost
[23:37:09] Friend: this sounds like it requires teamwork
[23:37:36] Cuteosucks: if you were coming at him from the rear it’d be incredibly easy to kick him in the balls
[23:37:52] Friend: you’d get bucked
[23:37:52] Cuteosucks: but the dick is further underneath and its usually in a sheath so like
[23:37:56] Cuteosucks: you’d have to plan that shit
[23:38:06] Cuteosucks: you’d still have delivered The Fatal Blow though
[23:38:09] Friend: you need a bunch of horse porn and a skateboard
[23:38:12] Cuteosucks: as long as you sneak up
[23:38:32] Friend: it’d be possibly at least an averagely strange furcon
[23:39:10] Friend: also tbh i’ve been kicked in the dick and its not really that bad
[23:39:37] Friend: the balls are the critical location
[23:40:05] Friend: maybe if your dick is about as long as your entire torso i can see there being some pain going on
[23:40:14] Friend: tbh i’d be worried about getting sprayed
[23:40:28] Kuchipatchi 2075: you people are incredible about dick kicking


Once I fixed Catrine’s shoes and slapped some colors on this, I’m loving it now.
Stay tuned for shading and sparkles! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Once I fixed Catrine’s shoes and slapped some colors on this, I’m loving it now.

Stay tuned for shading and sparkles! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Project V: Hardware reconfiguration and retooling approved!


Its been a looong day… My wonderful girlfriend accompanied me today, making sure I did not get lost, also met my psychiatrist at the gender clinic (we get on really well). To thank her for supporting me, I took her out for a meal (BURGERS HELLS YES THE DIET IS OVER AS OF TODAY) and then to toys’r’us. its been incredible just hanging out in the car for so long with her.

But yes, the great news is my gender clinic approved my referral for surgery precisely 18 months after starting with them! Things have been going at optimal pace thus far and without going into it too much, the recent shakedowns in the NHS which have caused insane delays for surgery, may be resolved within the next few months, according to my Doc at the clinic (who is pretty important on the national committee and gets inside info on things going on down in London), therefore there’s still a possibility of getting it all sorted within a year from now (believe me,the waiting times are about 18 months otherwise atm and rising.. its insane). Nio doubt there will be red tape and administrative bureaucracy to wrestle with in the coming months but for today I can rest happy knowing that my life is one step closer to the sense of .. wholeness that I crave.

Rhianne v 2.0 is steadily on schedule. A Nu me!

PS: and yes… I DID ask for this!

Today was lots of fun! The clinic visit felt overwhelmingly positive. Rhi’s psychiatrist seemed really nice & the way she and Rhi spoke casually about what Rhi wants from surgery and issues she might face was very comforting. She said something that sort of stuck with me, she said “I’m sorry that we feel so much like gatekeepers here but that’s really what we are”. It felt good to see her actually acknowledge that her job was entirely one of gatekeeping and to not try to excuse it, and to basically say ‘yeah it sucks but right now we have to do it, so we try to do it in a way that helps you the most’. That felt really comforting and made me optimistic.

I never told Rhi, but on the incredibly rare chance that today didn’t go well (and to be honest, I believed it would go fine - as it did!) I was going to sing this song to her. So I guess she missed out on my dulcet tones.

The burger was delicious! And I got stuff I had been searching for from toys r us :3 but most of all, I really enjoyed spending so much time in the car with Rhi. I know driving is taxing, but I like when we’re just in the car together… it’s calm and close and we can just talk and talk. We may have been dating almost 6 years but I still find Rhi very intellectually stimulating and I enjoy talking to her for long periods of time, whether it’s about hobbies or projects or issues. I guess spending so much time with her last night and today was its own treat for me :3c

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what am i doing with my life


indie blogs are going too far


shove glitter up your cooter do it it’ll get notes just fucking ram it up there



Don’t leak nudes

Leak pictures of SPIDER-MAN


kirikiizan said: what kind of bathroom has a vibrator dispenser

most bars & pubs in the UK have machines in the toilets that dispense condoms, I guess some companies decided to branch out and include mini vibrators in the machines too. Tbh small sex toys aren’t an uncommon thing in the UK I mean they sell cock rings in the supermarket medicine aisle next to the lube. You kind of overlook it unless you’re specifically looking at it




And you can vote multiple times so it’s just becoming a click war now?

of the three, I definitely think Finnegan would make the most interesting doll. Imagine if he came with a wheelchair!! It’d be more expensive to manufacture (and thus cost more to buy) but it’d be really cool :)

still holding out for that background mantis boy doll someday haha…


All 5 main dragons of HTTYD in Maya style!
I’ll definitely be doing more of these in the future, they were a lot of fun.

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the tits on that rabbit are making me snort they’re at the base of her neck lmao


This lovely person gave their Clawdeen doll braids and I thought it was the bee’s knees.



This lovely person gave their Clawdeen doll braids and I thought it was the bee’s knees.

was out with my gf today and there was bootleg sonic porn in a ladies bathroom